What brochure size is right for your community?

brochuresamThere are several factors to consider when choosing the right size brochure for your community.

Cost – For many communities, finding a brochure that fits in their budget is the most important feature. Also keep in mind the amount of space you’re getting for the money, smaller is not always better.

Size – The number of floor plans plus the amenities and features that you want to include will make a difference in the size brochure you want to order.  Our standard brochure is best for 1 – 4 floor plans while our large brochure can accommodate 5+ floor plans.

Mailing – Do you plan on mailing your brochure? If so, the standard trifold makes the best mailer for keeping your postage down and your message delivered.

If you have any questions or need help determining which size brochure works best for you, contact Jenny at 800-772-6618 or jenny@lewisletterworks.com.